9 November 2022

Feedback on SASA's participation at the north american IBIE event

The COVID-19 sanitary crisis, which caused the temporary closure of the borders, had kept us away from this type of event. Indeed, we had not been able to be present on such an event since 2019!

This year, SASA chose to participate with a partner: TMB Baking, one of our American distributors of Bakery, Viennoiserie and Pastry equipment. Being on a stand with one of our partners allowed us to evaluate the potential this show could provide us as a constantly expanding French company in the semi-industrial and artisanal segments in North America. We already acknowledged the impact of this event on our industrial customers.

IBIE allowed SASA to meet its North-American industrial customers, but also to make new connections. We have also met other colleagues and local players who, after some discussions, turned out to be very interested in our product range. Our network keeps expanding in this geographical area and new opportunities are arising every day, which we are very pleased about. During these 4 days of exposition, we quickly realized that the atmosphere was very different from the other fairs in the European industry. Combined with a booming bakery market, the American show definitely stood out!

We can already say that IBIE was a great success for SASA. We have seen a response from the US market that went beyond our expectations. Even though COVID-19 has kept us away from fairs for the past few years, we will definitely make up for lost time!

We obviously want to express our deepest gratitude to IBIE and their teams for their warm welcome, and also to TMB Baking for their hospitality. Exhibiting in such a major event might not have been possible without them this year! The next edition of IBIE will be held in 2025 and we will definitely be there.

*Source: ‘’About’’ section of the official IBIE website: https://www.bakingexpo.com/about/